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Back with memories…

First of all, let me apologize to all my readers (if I have any left still), for the long absence. It was totally not planned. What started as a forced 3-week break, as my server decided to crash right when I was in India (will you believe when I say that I was intending on updating my blog from India? Well, you should, that was the plan!), extended into a month and a half break due to, as I said earlier, my server crash, recovering from a hectic but short trip, busy work schedule… You will hear all that but not the actual reason – plain old laziness.

Finally, I decided today was as auspicious as any to break the silence and re-enter the blog world and am doing so with couple of tags. Raaga tagged me a while back to know about 6 quirks of me and that is going to be a tall order. Lets see:
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Shhh… its a secret, nay 10 secrets

Lekhni tagged me (why me, I say) to reveal 10 secrets about me. Well, if they are secrets, aren’t they supposed to remain, err, secret??? No says Lekhni and dares me to come clean.

a) I can be obssessive-compulsive at times (similar to Monk) – as in if I touch my forehead with right hand, would do it with my left hand too, so on and so forth. Thank God, not always!

b) I tend to be extremely superstitious, especially during exam time – I remember my lucky pen was a green Hero pen (anyone remembers those?) and wrote all my X and XII grade exams using that pen, except for Chemisty. Incidentally, I scored maximum in Chemistry – so much for luck and superstition 🙂

c) This one is not really a secret, atleast not anymore – I have never tasted coffee in my life. Yes, yes, it is weird especially since I am from Madras, synonymous for filter kaapi and The Hindu. But no sir, not me.

d) Left to myself, I would sleep all day. I had (rather, still do) this poster, gifted by a few friends, that proudly claims “Sleeping is my favorite sport” and it is so true.

e) One trip that I definitely want to do in my lifetime is Kailash – Lake Manasarovar yatra.

Five down – Five to go…

f) I would rather travel to see nature than cities. I realized this when I went to Utah and Nevada and liked canyons better than the strip 🙂

g) I love to engage in a discussion and argue (sometimes just for the sake of arguing :-P) – some of my best friends are folks with whom I first argued. Guess that is my weird way to bond!

h) My dream job as a kid was to become an IAS officer. I worked @ the Customs Department in Madras for a few months and figured that I am not cut out to work for the Government – bureaucracy is not my cup of tea.

i) I buy only books that I think I will read a second time, otherwise I don’t consider them worth-buying; so I usually don’t buy fictions.

j) Although I am a foodie @ heart and experiment with my cooking and palette, my favorite / soul food is thayir saadam – mor milagai (curd rice – dry-roasted chillies).

Finally! There you go – ten down. Now I dare Mitr, The Taste Tinkerer, Spillay, Priya and Nandita to reveal their secrets.


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Booky tag

Just when I was going through, what I thought was a blogger’s block, Rads of tunneling thru’ tagged me and also threw in a challenge. I am not sure if I beat her in the turnover rate but this is my personal best – responding to a tag within a few hours (as opposed to a few days). It was not just the challenge that spurred me on but also because this tag involved books – encouraging folks to pick a book that they might have forgotten and try to make them read the book.

The rules:

Pick up the nearest book.
Open to page 123.
Find the fifth sentence.
Post the next three sentences.
Tag five people, and acknowledge the person who tagged you

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Questions for a blogger

Anamika has a few interesting questions for fellow bloggers and Laksh, after responding to her questions asked her readers / other bloggers to respond. Before responding to the questions, I just wanted to bring to attention the fact that my blog is not quite the same as the blogs Anamika refers to, in general. As a rule, I don’t write a lot about my personal experiences, other than the food-related ones. Simply put, I am not a very open person by nature and don’t feel comfortable sharing my personal life & experiences, for all to see. That said, I am planning (more like hoping) to write more about my quest with healthy eating (who doesn’t?), travel and other topics, that interests me. So much for a preamble.

Do you feel comfortable writing things as is? Or do you leave the unpleasant parts out or tailor the posts to be more polished?

I write about things that I am comfortable to begin with.
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I have been tagged!

With the dawn of a new year, “resolutions” are a popular subject of every conversation.  Blogs being no exception to this rule, I have been tagged by Laksh of Musings.  I am not a resolution kind of person, but here are a possible few:

  • Become a regular at the gym, improve my fitness level.
  • Contribute regularly to this blog space.

I am not tagging anyone, will spare everybody the trouble 🙂


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