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Go green with spinach

Circa 2003. Those were early days of blogging and Route 79 was one of those early blogs that I use to read regularly. Written by a second generation Indian from Britain, he used to write about myriad topics including food. He chronicled a lot of authentic Punjabi recipes coming straight from his kitchen and were not as oil-masala loaded as the restaurant dishes. Given our love for spinach (spinach masiyal, the South Indian preparation of spinach is a staple in our house), it is no wonder that we love Saag and I never quite mastered the art of making it, till I found the fool-proof way in Route 79’s kitchen. I have made this recipe several times and it has turned out well every single time without any mishaps. This is my entry for Your Recipe Rocks event started by Madhu for this month.

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Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard, also known as chard is a leafy vegetable that belongs to the beet family. Both the leaves and stalk of this plant are edible. The stalk can vary in color ranging from deep red to white. It is also sold as Rainbow Chard sometimes, with red (or deep pink), white and gold colored stems contrasting beautifully. The range of colors in chard makes its addition to salads attractive for the eyes and the slightly bitter but salty taste innovative for the palette. Due to its inherent salty taste, go easy on the salt when you cook with chard. Chard along with Kale, mustard greens, collard greens are referred to as ‘Greens’. According to holistic approaches, greens are supposed to cleanse your body (and blood) and regulate elimination, and hence it is advisable to include greens atleast a couple of times in your meal every week. The nutritional profile and benefits of Chard are well-documented (see here).

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