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Spicy yet sweet…

Or should I say sweet yet spicy…

Mango Chutney

M is a dear friend of mine and her mom was visiting her recently. Whenever all of us meet, we have some interesting conversations and never run out of topics to discuss, and of course, there is always food. Food is in plenty with her around and she loves to feed – she would constantly be trying out something new, either a new recipe or a gadget. I have picked up quite a few recipes/tricks from her. Thanks mami!
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Thengai Mangai Pattani Sundal

The first thing that comes to mind when I hear “Thengai Mangai Pattani Sundal” (Coconut Raw-mango Green-peas sundal), as a Madras-born (yes I still refuse to call it Chennai :)), is Marina Beach. The sine quo non of any Madras visit, Marina Beach never fails to bring up a smile on my face. Early morning joggers, kids playing cricket, friends hanging out, couples trying to catch some private moments and of course, small-time vendors trying to sell an assorted range of items from milagai bajji to toy watches – Marina is always buzzling with activity or should I say, drama? If you visit Marina in the evening, you will see hoards of vendors selling this sundal, masala kadalai (spiced groundnuts), oil-dripping milagai(chilli) bajji in paper packs (pottalam, for those who know tamil).
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