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Strawberry compote / preserves

I never quite understood the difference between jam, jelly, preserves, compote etc. Oh! I forgot to add marmalade to this mix. Growing up, all I knew was Jam and just like how noodles was always Maggi, jam almost always meant Kissan Mixed Fruit Jam. The world of jelly, preserves, marmalade were explored only in our imagination thanks to Enid Blyton but our reality was starkly different from these books that we read. Read the rest of this entry »


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Baklava, your honor!


My dear blogger-friend UL had requested me to make Baklava and post the recipe here. Making baklava is an easy but patient-demanding and time -consuming procedure. I have made it couple of times before, and I follow the recipe by Gretchen, the instructions here are concise and precise, with additional FAQs. She even has tips on how to cut the Baklava 🙂
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Sweet Beginnings

To begin a blog or not to – a question most of us seem to be faced with. Once you decide to have a blog of your own, the next stumbling block is the subject. Between Elle & I, we love food, travel, books, movies, meeting new people and everything in-between. So this blog will about every one of those and some others too 🙂
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