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Can anyone resist ice-cream?

“When and how did you start cooking so much?” asked a dear friend, who has known me for a very long time. We were room / house mates in the new city, when we both started our first jobs. We had a full-fledged kitchen in the house, but the kitchen was rarely used – either to boil milk (by us) or when either of our moms were in town. Otherwise, eat out we did, day after day, without making a teeny weeny attempt to prepare our own meals. I can still rattle out the restaurants where we used to be regulars, trying out different dishes each day. Oh yes, we were definitely foodies, not the cooking but the eating kind 🙂

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Thank thee with cake

I love anything sweet, no two ways about it; if it has milk, even better. My theory is anything (read any dessert / sweet) made with milk and sugar cannot taste bad. I love my pedhas, rasmalai, paal khova, shrikhand and the list is pretty much endless. The first time I heard about the Tres leches (Three milk in Spanish) cake, I knew it was my kind of cake. I never quite realized it was fairly easy to make at home, till I saw the recipe @ Mansi’s Fun and Food. So when presented with an opportunity to bake a cake (aka birthday of a near and dear one), no points for guessing the cake I made 🙂

The difficulty for me while making this cake was getting the sponge cake right, as I was baking without eggs. I still have some way to go before getting it right, but overall I was satisfied with the end result.

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Weekend & Kulfi

Weekends are usually time to relax, chill and do nothing. No surprises in my weekend routine – I get up late, have brunch and laze around. I look forward to weekends just for this; doing nothing and unwinding after the busy weekdays. I had more reason to await this weekend, as my brother & family were visiting. And to add to this, it was our 5th wedding anniversary and we had planned a family lunch; it really is wonderful to spend the momentous day with the near and dear ones.
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