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Cream of Broccoli

All of us know what I do when life gives me tomatoes, so what do I do when life gives me Broccoli? To those of you who are wondering, how come miraculously life gives me first tomatoes and then broccoli, here is where I sheepishly admit, it is not life, it is me. I really do get greedy, when I see fresh vegetables and get more than the two of us normally eat. Then, I come up with “creative” ways to use these in every dish I make – regardless of the cuisine. So, you will see sweet bell peppers in my pulao, brussel sprouts in my korma, all varieties of squash in my kootu, radish / squash in my noodles, all varieties of spinach in my pasta. While I try and keep the base of the dish true to its origin, the add-ins of vegetables are decided based on my imagination and produce selection in my refrigerator. Read the rest of this entry »


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The smoothie that ate my banana

I eat my breakfast either on my way to work or at work, and this breakfast lasts me a good 3 hours before I gobble down my lunch.  For a while, my breakfast used to be a tall glass of milk (Horlicks to be precise) along with a big bad banana.  Like many other things in my life, I hate routine in my breakfast as well and soon enough, I got tired of the lack of variety.  That is when I chanced upon this smoothie (though, I prefer to call it milk shake) and absolutely love it – well, for now, atleast.  This is a Date-nut-apple milk shake and so far, it has been bye-bye banana.
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Chocolate Cherry Nut Cake

My dear friend Laksh and her husband K were visiting us last weekend and folks who read her blog would know that it was K’s bday last week. As it is more than 5 years since I met them in person, I decided to do something special when they were here, which coincided well with his b’day. I have been wanting to bake this cake from Indira, ever since I laid my eyes on it. What can be a better time to bake this cake than this?

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