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It was a long break…

It has been a long time since I wrote anything on this blog; and it was not because of lack of ideas 🙂  Lots of cooking happened during the holiday season with friends & family coming over.  There was also, of course, Thiruvatharai & Pongal which was celebrated with the traditional dishes.  During this time, a few of my blogging friends bestowed me with a few awards as well.  Apologies for not acknowledging them right away – somehow all this was not enough to get me out of my blogging hiatus 🙂

I don’t know what made me go into a hiatus just like I don’t know what is prompting me to write now.  As has been the case with this blog, I intend to write whenever I feel that there is something to be shared with my readers & friends – may be a dish that I made or a book that I read or a movie that I watched.  Without much further ado, let me share the awards that I was presented with – Thanks Dinesh & Apar.

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Shameless Canvassing

I have been writing here for a little over a year now; and write I do in an off again and on again fashion. If there was an award for the most inconsistent blogger, I guess I will win hands down 🙂 Unfortunately, the award I am talking about today is for a different category.

I have been nominated and selected to be in the top-5 for the beautiful header award @ Avant Garde Bloggies. Thanks to Apar for nominating me in this category (in a weird coincidence, she is in the top-5 as well 🙂 ).

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Back with memories…

First of all, let me apologize to all my readers (if I have any left still), for the long absence. It was totally not planned. What started as a forced 3-week break, as my server decided to crash right when I was in India (will you believe when I say that I was intending on updating my blog from India? Well, you should, that was the plan!), extended into a month and a half break due to, as I said earlier, my server crash, recovering from a hectic but short trip, busy work schedule… You will hear all that but not the actual reason – plain old laziness.

Finally, I decided today was as auspicious as any to break the silence and re-enter the blog world and am doing so with couple of tags. Raaga tagged me a while back to know about 6 quirks of me and that is going to be a tall order. Lets see:
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Must Watch: Future Of food

Future of food is a documentary that delves into the mass production of food that has given rise to patented, genetically engineered crops. These companies, in their quest for high yields, have killed zillions of varieties of indigenous crops. I first go to know about the loss of bio-diversity when I watched this news item on a seed bank in Norway; did you know that till the mid-1800s there were over 3000 varieties of apples and now all that are left are a few hundred varieties?

This documentary raises some very pertinent questions, especially on how the crops (and seeds) are managed. Typically, farmers save a few good quality seeds from their harvest to use for the next season. Now, there are big corporations like Monsanto entering the foray and enticing the farmers with higher yields by using their seeds. After the harvest, the farmers cannot re-use the seeds as the plants are genetically modified such that the seeds do not give raise to saplings. This makes the farmers dependent on these big corporations for seeds every year and this eventually kills locally grown crops. Farmers are realizing (and understanding) the ill-effects of using these seeds now which has led to them modifying their approach.

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Shhh… its a secret, nay 10 secrets

Lekhni tagged me (why me, I say) to reveal 10 secrets about me. Well, if they are secrets, aren’t they supposed to remain, err, secret??? No says Lekhni and dares me to come clean.

a) I can be obssessive-compulsive at times (similar to Monk) – as in if I touch my forehead with right hand, would do it with my left hand too, so on and so forth. Thank God, not always!

b) I tend to be extremely superstitious, especially during exam time – I remember my lucky pen was a green Hero pen (anyone remembers those?) and wrote all my X and XII grade exams using that pen, except for Chemisty. Incidentally, I scored maximum in Chemistry – so much for luck and superstition 🙂

c) This one is not really a secret, atleast not anymore – I have never tasted coffee in my life. Yes, yes, it is weird especially since I am from Madras, synonymous for filter kaapi and The Hindu. But no sir, not me.

d) Left to myself, I would sleep all day. I had (rather, still do) this poster, gifted by a few friends, that proudly claims “Sleeping is my favorite sport” and it is so true.

e) One trip that I definitely want to do in my lifetime is Kailash – Lake Manasarovar yatra.

Five down – Five to go…

f) I would rather travel to see nature than cities. I realized this when I went to Utah and Nevada and liked canyons better than the strip 🙂

g) I love to engage in a discussion and argue (sometimes just for the sake of arguing :-P) – some of my best friends are folks with whom I first argued. Guess that is my weird way to bond!

h) My dream job as a kid was to become an IAS officer. I worked @ the Customs Department in Madras for a few months and figured that I am not cut out to work for the Government – bureaucracy is not my cup of tea.

i) I buy only books that I think I will read a second time, otherwise I don’t consider them worth-buying; so I usually don’t buy fictions.

j) Although I am a foodie @ heart and experiment with my cooking and palette, my favorite / soul food is thayir saadam – mor milagai (curd rice – dry-roasted chillies).

Finally! There you go – ten down. Now I dare Mitr, The Taste Tinkerer, Spillay, Priya and Nandita to reveal their secrets.


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Questions for a blogger

Anamika has a few interesting questions for fellow bloggers and Laksh, after responding to her questions asked her readers / other bloggers to respond. Before responding to the questions, I just wanted to bring to attention the fact that my blog is not quite the same as the blogs Anamika refers to, in general. As a rule, I don’t write a lot about my personal experiences, other than the food-related ones. Simply put, I am not a very open person by nature and don’t feel comfortable sharing my personal life & experiences, for all to see. That said, I am planning (more like hoping) to write more about my quest with healthy eating (who doesn’t?), travel and other topics, that interests me. So much for a preamble.

Do you feel comfortable writing things as is? Or do you leave the unpleasant parts out or tailor the posts to be more polished?

I write about things that I am comfortable to begin with.
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Its official!

I am a blogo-holic! Found the link in Laksh’s site.

65%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?


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