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Basil Pesto

Pesto is one of the easiest sauces to make but I haven’t made it in over 3 years! I had planted Basil in the summer and after a big harvest just before fall, was left with cup-loads of the leaves. After using them in salads, soups and what not, I realized it was time to make pesto. I pretty much used the same recipe that I did last time using Basil instead of Coriander and the result was equally yummy.

This can be used not just as a pasta sauce, but also as a dip or even as a dressing for salad. Enjoy!


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Suggestions for Swiss Chard?

My summer vegetable patch was a complete failure this year due to soil quality and the location of the patch; I have no one else to blame but myself for this as I picked the spot for the patch and failed to check the soil quality even though K cautioned me. So anyway, I decided to do a fall vegetable patch – one of the advantages of living in sunny California, I hoped – to redeem myself and my green thumb. So around September when my anna (tamil for elder brother) was visiting us, like the good sister that I am, made him and K sweat it out in our back-yard to get the patch going. After a good two months, I have something to show for all our efforts. Our first harvest – Swiss chard leaves.

They are so dainty and pretty that I don’t feel like chopping and cooking them 😦

For a change, I am going to ask for recipes instead of posting them. So, do you have any interesting recipes/ideas to cook chard?


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