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Poli Pictorial

The South Indian version of Puran Poli is known just as Poli and is served as part of the traditional feast on Bhogi and Avani Avittam or Upakarma day. It is very similar to its North Indian counter-part except for the inclusion of coconut, to give it a South Indian twist.

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The smoothie that ate my banana

I eat my breakfast either on my way to work or at work, and this breakfast lasts me a good 3 hours before I gobble down my lunch.  For a while, my breakfast used to be a tall glass of milk (Horlicks to be precise) along with a big bad banana.  Like many other things in my life, I hate routine in my breakfast as well and soon enough, I got tired of the lack of variety.  That is when I chanced upon this smoothie (though, I prefer to call it milk shake) and absolutely love it – well, for now, atleast.  This is a Date-nut-apple milk shake and so far, it has been bye-bye banana.
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