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Spiced butter biscuits

Growing up, the fall-back evening snack in my house would be a biscuit.  Biscuits to me are what cookies are to kids that grow up in America.  They were sold in all shapes and sizes, with different flavoring and the queen of them all was the “cream biscuit”, in which flavored icing was sandwiched between two thin biscuits.  These baked goodies were not loaded with sugar or fat and were a reasonably healthy after-food snack for kids or  tea time snack for adults, or when you just felt like nibbling on something.   There were several popular brands (Milk Bikis, Marie come to my mind) and also, equally famous was the neighborhood bakery store-bought no-brand name, what we used to call, “butter biscuits”.  These are very similar to these shortbread cookies by Meeta. After reading Meeta’s post, I really wanted to re-create those biscuits that were part of my childhood and the cookie bake-off that happened during the holiday season was the perfect excuse.  I did some more research and found this recipe at Arusuvai (in Thamizh), meaning six tastes,  which turns out to be pretty similar to Meeta’s recipe.  The recipe from Western Europe and from the heartland of South India are uncannily close – may be it was the British influence.  Whatever be it, these uncanny culinary or other such similarities never cease to amaze me. Read the rest of this entry »


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It was a long break…

It has been a long time since I wrote anything on this blog; and it was not because of lack of ideas 🙂  Lots of cooking happened during the holiday season with friends & family coming over.  There was also, of course, Thiruvatharai & Pongal which was celebrated with the traditional dishes.  During this time, a few of my blogging friends bestowed me with a few awards as well.  Apologies for not acknowledging them right away – somehow all this was not enough to get me out of my blogging hiatus 🙂

I don’t know what made me go into a hiatus just like I don’t know what is prompting me to write now.  As has been the case with this blog, I intend to write whenever I feel that there is something to be shared with my readers & friends – may be a dish that I made or a book that I read or a movie that I watched.  Without much further ado, let me share the awards that I was presented with – Thanks Dinesh & Apar.

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