Back with memories…

12 Aug

First of all, let me apologize to all my readers (if I have any left still), for the long absence. It was totally not planned. What started as a forced 3-week break, as my server decided to crash right when I was in India (will you believe when I say that I was intending on updating my blog from India? Well, you should, that was the plan!), extended into a month and a half break due to, as I said earlier, my server crash, recovering from a hectic but short trip, busy work schedule… You will hear all that but not the actual reason – plain old laziness.

Finally, I decided today was as auspicious as any to break the silence and re-enter the blog world and am doing so with couple of tags. Raaga tagged me a while back to know about 6 quirks of me and that is going to be a tall order. Lets see:

  1. I am slightly obsessive-compulsive, like, if I rub my right eye with left hand, I should rub my left eye with the right hand and so on. I don’t get into this mode very often – thank God for small mercy!
  2. I hate following orders / instructions. I mostly do what I want to do, rather than what I am told to do.
  3. If I eat desi food, I have to finish the meal with yogurt (or Indian curd). Else, I feel the meal is incomplete.
  4. My interests are always in phases – there will be a phase when I would love to dress up, a phase when I would cook exotic dishes…
  5. I always prefer to ride a two-wheeler rather than drive or travel in a car.
  6. The first thing I need to do in the morning is to brush my teeth. I don’t even swallow my saliva till then – I know, gross!!! (Raaga’s first quirk reminded me of this – Thanks Raaga!).

With that out of my way, comes the next tag – which asks me to go back in time and write about my first memory. That is easy for me as I have a lot of memories from my childhood or KG days. So, I am going to share not one but three memories, as I can’t pick one from the three 🙂

I was 3 then, studying in LKG (Lower Kindergarten).  There was a fancy dress competition happening in school as part of a talent show and my enthusiastic mom added my name to the list of competitors.  She dressed me up as a kurathi – thamizh for a nomadic gypsy woman.  I was dressed up suitably, wearing a lot of beaded necklaces, complete with a thagara dubba (sort of an open tin box) hung using a sling.  I even had my part which consists of a small song, memorized, all set and raring to go.  As my name was called, I developed stage fright and refused to set my foot on stage.  My mom tried all that she could to get me on stage and finally used her brahmastra – she took a small piece of candy from her purse and dropped in the aforementioned dubba and told me that I could have the candy if I went on stage and performed my act.  The sugar / chocoholic that I was (even back then ), nodded like a lamb went on stage, did what was needed and went for the candy, even before I stepped down from the stage.  What amazes me is that how well my mom knew me at such an early age and her forethought in packing a candy bar 😛

The second memory is somewhat related to the first – I am not sure if it was when I was in LKG or UKG (Upper Kindergarten), the talent show was a day long event in my school that ended with the prize distribution ceremony at the end of the day.  My brother and I studied in the same school and he was in his II or III grade then.  We had participated in a few events and won a few prizes, and before the prize distribution ceremony, my brother told me that after receiving each of his prize, he would leave it with me before collecting the next one.  The dutiful sister that I was (and still am), I nodded my head, ready to shoulder this huge responsibility.  I was sitting right upfront and as my brother collected his prize from the chief guest, shouted at him “Anna! prize-a kodu, naan bhathirama vachukaren” (“Brother! Hand over the prize to me, I will safely keep it), even before he got down from the dais.

The third is of course the day we bought our first TV – a Dyanora black & white one, when I was about 3 or 4.  I remember the day very vividly, as though it was yesterday.  I was running temperature and being clingy to my mom, my cousins had come home for their Christmas vacation, my grandmom was visibly excited at this scientific marvel.  Somehow, it got registered in my mind as one of those path breaking events.

I am not sure, if you enjoyed reading this trip down memory lane, but I sure did. Brought a smile to my face, thinking of those innocent days with simple pleasures.  Thanks Laksh!  I am not tagging anyone in particular (for both the tags), but would love to hear from anyone who is interested in taking up these tags.


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7 responses to “Back with memories…

  1. Laksh

    August 12, 2008 at 8:54 AM

    Welcome back!!!

    That was a lovely lovely way to start. Totally imagined you doing all the things you mention. You must have looked cute as a korathi. Any faded b/w pics from back then? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Bhagyashri

    August 12, 2008 at 6:29 PM

    Welcome back! I was checking your blog daily to see if you had posted 🙂

    Your trip down memory lane took me back in time, our first TV was a Dyanora B&W as well. How I miss it, you no longer get to see those anywhere!

  3. Mitr

    August 13, 2008 at 7:53 AM


    Welcome, welcome…really missed reading ur posts and emails ): Tried sending you a couple, not sure if you got them. Loved knowing all the quirks that you possess, and the memories were good. Can you believe it that I too dressed up as kurathi for my fancy dress competition, I have my photo.

  4. Apar

    August 14, 2008 at 12:14 AM

    Welcome back! 🙂 Finally! and a nice post at that 🙂
    Cute sister you must be! :-)) As Laksh asked, any b/w pictures of the korathi costume?

    Nope – sorry, no pictures in the costume. – A-kay

  5. White On Rice Couple

    August 14, 2008 at 3:40 AM

    Welcome back! Sorry to hear about the server crash, ugh!
    I love tags like this. We really get to more about you, the writer and the blog! Thanks for sharing such sweet memories.

  6. SPillay

    August 14, 2008 at 5:23 PM

    WELCOME BACK!!! *beach*

    Thanks everyone for welcoming me back with such open arms 😉 Yes, I do love these tags – they are fun. – A-kay

  7. Madhuram

    August 28, 2008 at 11:46 AM

    Appa, kadaisiya manasu vandhucha? Me too, I was also checking your blog. It was definitely nice reading your first memories.

    🙂 Sorry ma. I will try to be more regular. – A-kay


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