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Krishna Jayanthi / Janmastami

Krishna Jayanthi or Janmastami marks the birth of Lord Krishna, considered in Hinduism as the 9th incarnation of Lord, while some sects within Hinduism consider him as Svyam Bhagvan or The Lord Himself. He was born in a prison cell to Devaki and Vasudeva of the Yadava clan, and was moved immediately & secretly to Vrindavan. There are a lot of stories around Lord Krishna’s mischievous childhood that portrays him as Makhan Chor (Butter thief), the protector of Vrindavan (by lifting the Govardan Hill and protecting the villagers from the angst of Lord Indira), Kalinga Nardanam (danced on the head of a poisonous serpent Kalinga and tamed the serpent) and lover of the Gopis (milkmaids) in Vrindavan.

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Mor kootu

I am a big fan of curd (Indian yogurt) – every desi meal is squared off with a liberal dose of curd at the end, be it idli or pongal or roti. If I refuse to eat a dish, add some curd to it, and chances are I will finish it without any complaint. What are the odds that this curd-eater (or over-eater) would find a guy who doesn’t touch curd with a 10 foott pole? Well, that is what happened; I married someone who doesn’t eat curd, smell curd and prefers to not even see curd 🙂 So my favorite dishes like mor kozhambu and avial are rarely made, as I am too lazy to make two dishes for the two of us. When I have people over for lunch or dinner, however, the rules of the game are different. I don’t think too much about making a dish or two that my husband would skip.

Dakshin by Chandra Padmanabhan has some authentic Tam-Bram recipes and when I looked at her Mor kootu, I knew this was something that could not go wrong. All the goodness of kootu with the tangy taste of curd, this is sure to be a hit in any crowd.
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Back with memories…

First of all, let me apologize to all my readers (if I have any left still), for the long absence. It was totally not planned. What started as a forced 3-week break, as my server decided to crash right when I was in India (will you believe when I say that I was intending on updating my blog from India? Well, you should, that was the plan!), extended into a month and a half break due to, as I said earlier, my server crash, recovering from a hectic but short trip, busy work schedule… You will hear all that but not the actual reason – plain old laziness.

Finally, I decided today was as auspicious as any to break the silence and re-enter the blog world and am doing so with couple of tags. Raaga tagged me a while back to know about 6 quirks of me and that is going to be a tall order. Lets see:
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