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25 Jan

Anamika has a few interesting questions for fellow bloggers and Laksh, after responding to her questions asked her readers / other bloggers to respond. Before responding to the questions, I just wanted to bring to attention the fact that my blog is not quite the same as the blogs Anamika refers to, in general. As a rule, I don’t write a lot about my personal experiences, other than the food-related ones. Simply put, I am not a very open person by nature and don’t feel comfortable sharing my personal life & experiences, for all to see. That said, I am planning (more like hoping) to write more about my quest with healthy eating (who doesn’t?), travel and other topics, that interests me. So much for a preamble.

Do you feel comfortable writing things as is? Or do you leave the unpleasant parts out or tailor the posts to be more polished?

I write about things that I am comfortable to begin with.

Do you feel compelled to write everyday? Or does it come to you naturally?

Not really. My goal is write one post per week. So far at least, it has come naturally to me.

Would you write what you want to write on against what will receive more comments/responses?

Usually I write about what I want to write, and comments are a good morale-booster. If there are any specific requests, I wouldn’t mind posting about the same.

Do you establish contacts and try to maintain it with the people who comment on your blogs?

Well, as of now most of the folks that comment regularly on my blog (which is at a nascent stage) are my friends.

Is there an element of competition/comparison with other bloggers that you feel sometimes?

I am not sure about competition / comparison. But there are quite a few bloggers that I would like to emulate (a tall order, though!):

Arnab of Greatbong
Jai & Bee of Jugalbandi
Meeta of Whats for lunch, honey?
Sig of Live to Eat

Have you had any personal problem/argument with anyone related to anything you posted?Just yes or no and how you dealt with it.

None so far.

Now, I really would encourage my readers (if there are any :-P), to respond to my post. It will be really interesting to know how blogs are perceived by each us.


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4 responses to “Questions for a blogger

  1. Laksh

    January 25, 2008 at 4:25 AM

    A bit of healthy competition never did hurt anyone 🙂 Tall order or not, here’s to successful food blogging!

    Thank you and I agree. – A-kay

  2. anamika

    January 25, 2008 at 4:43 AM

    Thanks for sharing your response. Food blog is different, I agree. LOL on reading ‘if there are any readers! ‘ My only visitor is Laksh, rather I force her to read my post by emailing the link to her! I am also interested in finding different people’s thoughts on this topic! Thanks again!

    🙂 Totally hear you on the visitor part. Will check your blog more regularly – A-kay

  3. UL

    January 25, 2008 at 6:35 AM

    i enjoyed this fun prompt myself, and it was nice to see your response, Akay.

    It was thoroughly enjoyable. Will check your response soon. – A-kay

  4. bee

    January 28, 2008 at 12:38 AM

    we’re honoured to be on your list. we’re private too, but food is such a central part of our lives, that it’s hard not to touch on other aspects. besides, ours is not a strictly food blog. however, we get a lot of questions by e-mail asking for details about our private lives, pics of us, etc. that makes us uncomfortable.


    Absolutely thirlled to see you here. I am hoping / planning to make this more than just a food blog – lets see where my blog takes me 🙂 Totally understand your comment on being private. – A-kay


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