Spicy yet sweet…

24 Jan

Or should I say sweet yet spicy…

Mango Chutney

M is a dear friend of mine and her mom was visiting her recently. Whenever all of us meet, we have some interesting conversations and never run out of topics to discuss, and of course, there is always food. Food is in plenty with her around and she loves to feed – she would constantly be trying out something new, either a new recipe or a gadget. I have picked up quite a few recipes/tricks from her. Thanks mami!

This is one such recipe – a sweet and spicy mango chutney. A very simple & easy dish to make, a handy one to have in the refrigerator – definitely going to be a permanent fixture in mine. This can be used as a dip, a spread and of course, as a chutney. Also, I think this would work well as a marinade too.

The key for this recipe is in selecting the right kind of mango. The mango should be a little sweet and not too tart – ideal kind would be the “kili mooku mangai” (literally means parrot’s beak mango, also known as totapuri mango) available in India.

You will need about:

1.5 cups of julienned raw mango
1/2 cup of sugar
2-3 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar

Whole spices pounded in motor & pestle:

    2-3 cloves
    2-3 cardomom pods
    1/2″ cinnamon

The traditional way to make this recipe is to cook the julienned mango in sugar. For about 1.5 cups of mango of mango, add 1/2 cup of sugar. Add the vinegar and spices, and cook in simmer for about 20 mins, till the mixture is syrupy. Let it cool and store in a clean jar and refrigerate.

Note: I made it a little thick and also grated the raw mango, as I wanted to use this as a spread on bread and such. Just my personal preference.


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5 responses to “Spicy yet sweet…

  1. Laksh

    January 25, 2008 at 4:23 AM

    Lovely pic as usual! This recipe looks temptingly easy enough to try. Will keep you posted on how it comes out.

    And you know whom to thank for the recipe 🙂 – A-kay

  2. Maggie

    January 25, 2008 at 5:44 AM

    Will sure let the source know 😉
    Also, a bay leaf and some saunf are additions amma does . This remains still “non garlic/onion” category and is great for rotis and for me even bagel 🙂


    I tried to remember whatever your mom said 🙂 Totally agree with you on the non-garlic/onion stuff. I should add that category in my blog probably. – A-kay

  3. Arch

    January 25, 2008 at 7:17 AM

    Dunno about those spices….Probably just a temporary thing…but anything that involves those spices tends to turn my stomach these days….But your pic is awesome…..

    Thanks Arch for stopping by. A-kay

  4. m's mom

    January 29, 2008 at 12:18 AM

    Thanx so much

    Few pepper(black)corns &2 or 3 pieces of ginger will make it spicier & will help digestion too-can u imagine how yummy will the ginger pieces in this pickle will taste!!!!!!!!???????????

    I knew I missed something 🙂 Will definitely add ginger and black pepper next time around. Thanks for the comments. – A-kay

  5. Katerina

    February 12, 2008 at 7:01 AM

    This is so great! I was looking for a recipe just like this a few months ago and never found one. Thanks so much for the great post.

    Thanks Katerina – glad you found it 🙂 – A-kay


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