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Questions for a blogger

Anamika has a few interesting questions for fellow bloggers and Laksh, after responding to her questions asked her readers / other bloggers to respond. Before responding to the questions, I just wanted to bring to attention the fact that my blog is not quite the same as the blogs Anamika refers to, in general. As a rule, I don’t write a lot about my personal experiences, other than the food-related ones. Simply put, I am not a very open person by nature and don’t feel comfortable sharing my personal life & experiences, for all to see. That said, I am planning (more like hoping) to write more about my quest with healthy eating (who doesn’t?), travel and other topics, that interests me. So much for a preamble.

Do you feel comfortable writing things as is? Or do you leave the unpleasant parts out or tailor the posts to be more polished?

I write about things that I am comfortable to begin with.
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Spicy yet sweet…

Or should I say sweet yet spicy…

Mango Chutney

M is a dear friend of mine and her mom was visiting her recently. Whenever all of us meet, we have some interesting conversations and never run out of topics to discuss, and of course, there is always food. Food is in plenty with her around and she loves to feed – she would constantly be trying out something new, either a new recipe or a gadget. I have picked up quite a few recipes/tricks from her. Thanks mami!
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Sweet & Savory Pair

Chakkarai Pongal (Sweet Pongal) is a rice-dal based sweet dish, that is more of a snack than a dessert. It is made of rice similar to the payasam, but has the consistency of khichdi and is made using jaggery. Venn Pongal (White Pongal) has the same basic ingredient as the sweet pongal, but is its savory partner. Venn Pongal is a very popular tiffin/snack in South India. Of all the dishes that I know (or rather I can think of as I am typing this), Venn & Chakkari Pongal are two dishes that go well as a pair – a sweet one to balance the savory one.

Chakkarai Pongal

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Pongal / Sankranthi

I intend to write a note on every important festival that is celebrated through the year by Hindus and the various cultural and gastronomic signifacance of the same. Last year when I started the blog, I was thinking of doing something along these lines but a conversation with my MIL helped me crystalize the whole idea. Here goes the first one in the series.

Pongal or Sankranthi is a harvest festival celebrated mid-winter, essentially to thank Mother Nature for the bountiful of the previous year and expressing hope and praying for the next year to be just as plentiful. It is celebrated in differnt avatars in the various parts of India.

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Its official!

I am a blogo-holic! Found the link in Laksh’s site.

65%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?


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Wraps galore

Flatbread with some kind of filling makes a wrap. Flatbreads are found almost in every cuisine in the world and hence wraps come in all sizes and flavors.

They are a good low-carbohydrate alternative to traditional sandwiches. Although, it has been around in Mexican cuisine for over a hundred years, it has become immensely popular in the recent years with the plethora of diets that restricts the carbohydrate intake.

Wraps Galore - 2
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Salad or Chaat?

Like most desis, I love chaat – the quintessential street food in India. Street food (or fast food, for that matter) is seldom healthy, although always mouth-watering. When I chanced upon Raaga’s Kala chana chaat, the recipe was definitely healthy and sounded yummy, too.

I adapted the recipe based on the vegetables and spices that was available at hand, like

  • adding peas and corn (I love it for the crunch)
  • adding boiled potatoes and a pinch of chaat masala a la aloo-channa chaat
  • omitting the onions (I can’t handle raw-onions)

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I have been tagged!

With the dawn of a new year, “resolutions” are a popular subject of every conversation.  Blogs being no exception to this rule, I have been tagged by Laksh of Musings.  I am not a resolution kind of person, but here are a possible few:

  • Become a regular at the gym, improve my fitness level.
  • Contribute regularly to this blog space.

I am not tagging anyone, will spare everybody the trouble 🙂


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